So here’s the Very Smallholding. it may look as if I’m doing nothing but I’ve at least managed to get some of the weeding done*, with some help from my parents who came to visit and brought a nice stainless steel fork as a late Christmas present. If that wasn’t a hint to get moving I don’t know what is.

Last year I planted almost everything at once and ended up with a million leuttices**, half a tonne of courgettes and enough cannonball sized kohl rabi to reenact the battle of Waterloo.

Most of this, unfortunately, ended up in the compost bin: we only have so many neighbours who need seven courgettes a week.

The plan this year is to make smaller batches and plant each week. I’ve started to plant seeds in my usual home-made paper pots, but I’ll also be planting more seeds directly into the garden. Smaller things and salads will mostly stay on the balcony in the earthboxes I made a couple of years ago.


Thanks to The Boys and their friends running up and down the hill last summer, it looks like I won’t need to clear a way through the brambles as much this year, although some steps will be needed. Getting to the bottom of the garden is easy enough, if muddy.

Getting up again causes problems.


The monster tree at the bottom of the garden.  The general opinion is that this is a pear tree. Unless it is apple.

I’m still working out a way to get this up and out of the garden  so I can dry it properly and use it for something other than firewood.

*Pre-weeding view here.
**Still can’t spell ‘Lettices’.