On the cabinet I’m making, the three elements can be stacked however I want, so naturally I can’t decide. Originally I thought I’d stack them in the way the demonstration model was built, (top to bottom: drawers, door, open box) but part of me thinks the white box is far too overpowering on top.


So I tried moving the white box to the middle which I think may be more balanced. (cupboard, drawers, open) It also means I can hide the screws holding the three boxes to each other.


But when I got home Beautiful wife suggested that the Open box would be better on top with the drawers in the middle and cupboard on the bottom, and would also show the dovetail joins and pear wood in the open box instead of veneer and white paint. I tried flipping the picture but it looked awful so you’ll have to imagine how it looks with the open, drawers, cupboard combo.

I’m taking votes until tomorrow:

In a reflection of current standards of democracy, the winning suggestion may or may not be the one that is used…