So the votes on how my cabinet should be finished are in, with a clear majority in favour of having the open box on top, then the drawers in the middle, and the cupboard at the bottom. One of the people who voted for this was Beautiful Wife and that amounted to a presidential veto on the other two. The motion was carried and the cabinet finished. It is now in use as bedside table.

I took a photo quickly before I had time to make a mess around it.

You were right. It does look better this way. Not least because those sixty-eight dovetails which I painstakingly sawed and chiselled out by hand are the first thing you see, instead of the white-painted box made of MDF which I was planning on using. I’m not sure what I was thinking there, but fortunately you managed to stop me in time.


We invited all the employers and families to a grand presentation with food and drinks and everything. The quality of work made me feel pretty proud to be part of this group. Notice some people were allowed to put their units in all kinds of combinations. I’m glad I didn’t have that option as I think my head would have exploded.

Beautiful Wife told me she couldn’t make it to the presentation for work reasons, but was in fact conspiring with other students to turn up and surprise me. The boys were very quick to find the demonstration stands where they could do interesting things like use a hammer and chisel to make holes in wood. Watching them I was really impressed how they took on the different activities, and how my fellow students spent ages patiently showing them how to hold the tools and use them properly.

Of course, the year isn’t over yet. Next week is a major step towards it though with week one of the machine course, which gives us a sort of driving licence to use some very expensive, complex, fast, and dangerous machinery, with particular emphasis on not trying to push sections of wood past the spinning sharp bits with your thumb.