So, day one over.

Not the easiest of days to be honest, and not one that will go down as one of my more succesful attempts at carpentry.

We’re supposed to be making a bread board with an integrated crumb drawer, which is a lovely idea for a present, or would be if I’d managed to make it presentable. As it is, it will take a lot of work and some filler to turn into something I’ll be happy to bring home.

Firstly the assignment is tough. I wasn’t expecting this and I have a feeling neither were the tutors, judging by their responses. They went around telling everyone “You’ve done everything before, so don’t worry” Possibly. Once. A month or two ago. With different materials.

I have however learned a couple of useful rules of Carpentry, like don’t attempt to do something you’ve never attempted before using a machine you haven’t used in months at the end of a day, and that if there is a way to cut something backwards, I’ll find it. One corner is a horrible mess of wood and glue after my latest accidental bid to reduce my grade. Normally I could figure something out, probably involving lots of filler, an industrial sander and use of the Anglo Saxon vernacular, but  I haven’t got time for that and we can’t use the machines anyway.

More frustrating is my continued inability to do any dovetails. I have improved ssince last year, but you wouldn’t know it to look at todays effort. It doesn’t help that I’m surrounded by rather competent people who can do the same thing in half the time and rather better than me.

I’m choosing to believe this is like juggling or riding a bike: at some point the connection will work and my hands will be able to control the saw and make cuts as I want to, ie, along the line in the wood, and that means more practice.

Still, when I got home I found this waiting in my RSS feed, courtesy of Karl McKracken:

Admit it, you feel better now.

Half a day left to finish the project.