We’re all being tourists for the day. In the morning we visit Inuyama Castle, The castle, like most in Japan was made almost entirely of wood, long before nasty things like cannon came on the scene. It is built in layers like a giant wedding cake, although a wedding cake doesn’t have specially built towers for ‘The dropping of rocks on people’.

I was rather taken by this idea. I wonder how you arrange for the people who really need a rock dropped on them to walk past at the right moment?*

On the way back we meet a licensed Ninja walking up the road, with full uniform, sword, throwing stars, and a nice paper umbrella to keep the sun off. He’s more than happy for the boys to have their photograph taken with him and demonstrates the best way to kill someone with a throwing star. Then, this being Japan, we are all piled back into a taxi to go to the next place of enlightenment.

*And are they taking nominations?