I’ve still got a couple of posts about Japan to go, despite being back in Germany. This should keep me posting regularly until I get back into college/cycling/very smallholding/carpentry and have something to write about that…

Beautiful Wife found there are daily Taiko Drum Recitals nearby in the ‘old’ town. This is a great way to show the boys some of their cultural heritage, and better still, it was in the shade and free.

The presentation was scheduled for three, and exactly ten minutes before a trio of very serious drummers came along and moved the various drums into position. Once they were satisfied everything was exactly in the right place, one of them made a brief introduction while the others took up very exact and possibly quite uncomfortable positions by the drums.

When the introduction finished, someone on the front row decided it was a good time to clap. This seemed to irritate the drummers, and they made a perfectly synchronised wallop on all the big drums at once which made us all jump, and stopped any further clapping.

Satisfied that we were going to behave, the drummers got down to the very serious business of making as much sound as possible. Taiko drums, especially the big ones, make a deep bass sound that doesn’t as much barrage your ears as ignore them and crash directly into your brain. In a small space like this, it also comes up through the floor and rattles your ears from the insides as well.

Creating this wall of sound built up levels of energy in the drummers that could only be released by screaming their head off, and why not?

After being bombarding us with this rhythm for fifteen minutes the drummers reached a crescendo, then stopped abruptly and bowed. There was a polite round of applause and the audience wandered off leaving them to tidy up. Very seriously.