I’ve mentioned before that I hardly ever had a cold since I started cycling and gave my blood pressure and immune system a good kicking every morning. The flip side of this is that when a cold does get past the increased resistance it tends to knock me sideways.

Like three in the morning today, when I discovered I possessed a throat which had apparently been used for sandpaper storage, and that someone had removed my ability to think in a straight line or form sentences, regardless of language: Multilingual gibberish, hooray.

I wrestled with my conscience, won and called work. I croaked at Mrs. Boss down the phone that I was sock. Sick. Sick. that’s the one. Yeah. not good for the working thing. Especially with the wossnames. Sharp things. Cut wood. Saws. They got the idea.

Spent much of the day reading archives on my favourite blogs. The throat is nearly back to normal now so I’ve probably no excuse not to go into college tomorrow. I’ve got nine theory lessons. Want to take bets as to when I fall asleep?

Normal blogging will be resumed when I can write in sensilbil senencewossname gebberbeurgggg…