Things normal people get excited about: cars, cell phones, or YouTube videos.

Things I get excited about: Finishing the steps all down the hill to the tree which fell down last year.

As you may guess, I don’t get invited to many parties.

I made 32 steps over two weekends and a bit more. I even managed to scrounge all the wood, which makes me happy.

It doesn’t take much.

The steps give us a reasonably safe way to get the monster pear tree out of the bottom of the garden, and make it possible to actually use the bottom of the garden. This would be very nice as in summer the top is baking on even a slightly sunny day while the bottom is cool and shady. Admittedly a little less shady now the biggest tree has fallen over of course, but there are at least two Ash trees and an Acer trying to take its place.

I’ll need to get someone with a chainsaw to come and cut the tree up, and then do some serious bramble bashing before I can actually use the garden, but for now I’m just enjoying the novelty of being able to get to the bottom of the garden without heavy boots, climbing gear, and a message to Beautiful Wife telling her where to find me if I’m not back by tea time.