Since I discovered the monster tree at the bottom of the Very Smallholding, it was clear that I’d need a chainsaw and lots of expertise to remove it. To the surprise of no-one here I possess neither, so I spent the last year alternately fretting about it and trying to find someone with enough patience to use up a free Saturday cutting up my wood for me.

This weekend it finally came together, when friend and horrendously competent carpentry student B turned up with two Stihl chainsaws and another equally competent chainsaw operator.

They dealt with the massive tree while I made encouraging noises, pretended to help by cutting away brambles, and generally got in the way taking photographs.


Small boys and noisy machines being inseparable, the lumberjacks soon had an audience.


After all the fretting and organising, it took about four  hours to reduce most of the tree to lumps of wood. It is remarkable how much space we have down here when it isn’t full of reclining tree.


I had originally harboured ideas of cutting the wood into planks, drying it, and using it in my graduation project for the carpentry apprenticeship. Unfortunately we very quickly decided there was no chance of getting the wood up and out of our very steep garden, even after construction of the Mighty Steppe.


This was disappointing, but the chainsaw wielders were also keen that the wood didn’t all end up on a bonfire so they got creative and made it into something useful.

Unfortunately I then forgot to take any photographs of this. Will do so soon.

Because of their competence, I had the afternoon to go and help fit windows in another friends house and fret about the modular tests coming up this week.

In completely unrelated news, many thanks to the Ubiquitous Blog for reminding us that Saturday was the World Day of remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.