The carpentry has been working on a lot of projects for a new house being built in the next town. Amongst other things we were commisioned to make some really heavy double doors for the garage, which have been a challenge for even the master carpenters and seem to have caused all the trouble they could throughout their construction. Last week they were to be delivered and in a combination of urgency, bravado, and not wanting to leave the heavy lifting to other people yet again, yours truly ended up leaping into our small van to haul said doors inside. In doing so I pulled my back muscles so I’m off work tomorrow, in the week before Christmas.

This has not filled my employer with Christmas cheer.

This also means I can’t possibly make Youngest Son’s bed in time for Christmas day, as it is currently in pieces in the workshop.

Such is life.

On the other hand, if I have tomorrow off, then I can do some revision and coursework meaning less to do in the holidays, and thus more time playing in the forest with the boys, so on balance I’m happy.

I may even manage some blog entries.