With the bed making project taking far longer than expected I’m well behind with planting in the Very Smallholding, and it doesn’t help that we seem to have hot weekdays and then rain each weekend. I’ve done a fair bit of preparation, which in our garden means beating down the brambles and other mutant fauna until you can actually see the ground, and today was supposed to be the glorious day of planting the first seeds. Ah well, at least the ground will be soft enough to dig into, and I can do some work on the pallet garden as well.

I’m actually feeling pretty smug about my bramble elimination this year, having managed to smash several bushes large enough that they hid entire trees. It turns out that having a sharp blade on the scythe really does make a difference. Apart from that, look at all the space we have now. The picture at the top of the blog is almost the same as this view, after it had some attention from a scythe and two chainsaw wielding maniacs. Those little bits of wood in the distance are the circle of logs that make up the throne room.

The remains of the brambles were made into a bonfire along with lots of broken bits of wood, large amounts of cardboard that had somehow migrated from the apartment, and about twenty matches. In a fit of optimism brought on by apparent progress, burning stuff and the sight of someone more competent than I making a large building project look easy, I contacted my housebuilding friend to enlist his help in rebuilding the former privvy into something that doesn’t have leaks in the roof, walls and door.

This may be a challenge, especially if the rain doesn’t leave off.