The Bakfiets spent the weekend being a “Fair Trade” shop at our local church. The shop was part of a general ecological information stand, so it made sense to show people an alternative form of transport as part of the display, and it got us noticed.

As the Bakfiets usually spends its weekends being used as a sort of farm truck, I spent a large part of Friday afternoon scraping the mud and cow poo off so it would be fit to be used for selling foodstuffs: I don’t think it has been this clean since the day I rode it out of Amsterdam. More people asked about the price of the bike than the contents. One or two people made sarcastic comments when they heard the price, then went off muttering when I pointed out it was the same as a car costs in about four months.

We got far more positive comments though, and a special mention in the announcements just for the Bakfiets

And I was allowed to ride my bike into the church hall, so it was worth it for that alone.

*This is a blatant ripoff of this post by Kim Harding.