I’m signed off work for a couple of weeks. It’s nothing serious (ie: It won’t stop me riding a bike/doing woodwork/gardening, and it’ll go away eventually), and it gives me time to do more important things. I had a half-baked plan to go on a bike ride before the Weather Department notices its Autumn and orders in a load of soggy cold weather, but what with rushing about to doctor’s appointments like an old aged pensioner, preparing for my final carpentry course project, updating my CV, applying to different places of work, and doing coursework assignments (can’t get out of those even if I am off sick), the days are getting eaten up pretty fast.

On the other hand I get to spend time with the boys. I’m reading stories, playing board games and encouraging them to be creative, something that the German school system is frankly pretty rubbish at doing

I have managed to dig over most of the garden beds of grass and celandine which took the removal of brambles as an invitation to colonise the place, and some kind friends came along with a monster strimmer and laid waste to the vegetation on the boundaries of the garden.

The only problem is that our camera is dying and although we have a replacement it technically was a birthday present for my Beautiful Wife who has banned me from carrying it on bike rides or out to the garden on the quite reasonable basis that I’ll probably lose it, so until we reach a negotiated settlement there may be a lack of pictures on the blog.