Youngest Son’s bed broke. We aren’t sure how this happened, but one side managed to split lengthways, so it would require a replacement. For this I needed to get some wood.

As I work at a carpenters I figured this would be simple enough. I placed an order with my employer, and waited. And waited a bit more. After several weeks of prompting he finally told me the order was ‘too small’ and it would have to wait until a customer came along who wanted rather more of the same wood type. As the company I work for mainly uses chipboard, I couldn’t see this happening soon, so I asked around at college and was sent to the local wood wholesaler. Problem solved

Except that the German wood wholesalers association have decided not to sell wood to private customers because they can’t be bothered.

Back to college. My colleague told me to just go to the wholesaler and ask nicely.

So we went to visit the wholesaler.

The wholesaler had a good laugh at customer making stupidly small order, then took us through the depths of the wood yard to the ‘offcuts’ section, where we could found two pieces of wood. The smaller piece could be carried out, the bigger one would require a forklift. To get the forklift in, they would have to first move a truck. The two vehicles required different drivers. This would double the price.

We took the small piece.

An assistant cut the small piece to length and we squeezed it in a friends trailer. I am now the owner of one chunk of tree, with bark. All I have to do is make it fit into the existing bed.

Long term readers of this blog will not be surprised to find that this isn’t turning out to be simple…