Having gone through a saga of getting hold of some wood, it is a little ironic that I finally achieved this while signed off as ‘unable to work’, even if the point of stubbornly learning to use hand tools is that I can be insufferably smug while making stuff without needing large and expensive machines.

It is, however, rather difficult to look insufferably smug while trying to cut a 240cm (7 ft 10 inch) long slab of pine by hand, and by the time I was finishing the third cut -you’d think two cuts would do but not for me: I had to go and cut in the wrong place and thus make the cut three times- the last vestiges of smugness were gone, along with the use of my knees. “Why knees?” I hear no-one cry: it’s because I’m using a Japanese saw, which cuts on the pull, so you have to be kneeling above the wood. I really need to sharpen my western rip saw.

Some smugness returned when I realised I’d at least managed to cut the wood vaguely straight, so it should be fairly simple to plane it to width next week.

Or when my arms work again, at least.