A lot of things are happening, or about to happen: Not all are relevant to a blog about cycling and trying to live simply, but they’ll probably have affect my blogging so I’m going so I thought I’d tell my loyal reader in advance.

Number one is that as of last week, the end of my carpentry apprenticeship moved from June of next year to the end of January. I finished the paperwork just in time, actually a bit too late but as it was the college who made the suggestion they pulled a few strings and persuaded the trade guilds to agree.

After I’d signed the paperwork I looked at a calender and realised that  my final exams are now in three weeks. And I need to know the stuff that I’ll not be taught in the third year. Thankfully I’m still ‘off sick’ so I can focus on revising.

There are various reasons for this, one of which is a lot more exciting. I’ll talk about that at some point, as soon as I’ve done some revision…