Theory exams are over: no more revision and maths equations, hurrah…

Day one was ‘general exams’: Business Studies, humanities and German. I am pretty sure the person writing the business studies exam wrote it for a different course, possibly in a parallel universe, but I muddled through.

There had been rumours of a ‘creative writing’ question for German, but I’d not taken much notice, so I was rather surprised to find one in the exam paper. I don’t know if I passed but I did have at least enjoy myself.

I have occasional panic attacks in exams, and on this occasion one kicked in about an hour an a half into the two-hour ‘important’ exam on day two. (obviously, no point in panicking in an unimportant exam, is there?) It is most frustrating to read a question, know that I understand it, know that I know the answer and should be able to write it straight away and move on, but to not have the foggiest idea what the answer is.

Day three was two hours of Technical drawing. I made a couple of mistakes but they were relatively small, (forgot to show the direction of the grain in a veneer tut, tut…) so hopefully that will pull my grades up to a more acceptable level.

And… relax….

Not quite. I have to present my idea for the final project to my employer next week, so I have to prepare the proposal, with reasons I’d like to do what I want to do. Thankfully some long suffering friends have already corrected/translated the text, so all I need to do now is take one last photo and put it in ready to print. The photo is of a prototype that I haven’t quite finished building yet, but that is a minor detail.