No matter how mucky your bike may be, always check the weather report before cleaning it.

Yesterday I decided that my bikes were so filthy it was getting embarrassing so I cleaned them. So today it rained. And then I realised I’d forgotten to go to Beautiful God-Daughter’s music recital yesterday evening*, so I rode over to apologise, only to discover that the farmers had been out ploughing the fields and the lanes to the next village are covered in mud which of course got splattered all over my bike.

A fair bit also applied itself to my clothes: I think the whole ‘Cycle Chic’ ethos is better suited to places with dry climates and/or a lack of farming activity.

On the other hand I got a music recital from Beautiful God-daughter and her brother, so I’m not complaining.

*A combination of exams, baby, et c, and being plain disorganised.