I’ve reached the finals: two weeks from today the carpentry apprenticeship will be over. All I have to do, is build my final project, hand it in on time, then pass a seven hour practical and theory exam. Simple.


I’ve been getting a few things ready: German carpenters seem to be pretty robust characters and use wood mallets so huge they would have Thor himself stepping back and saying “Steady on. old chap…” As I’ll be using a mallet for two days straight to make dovetails, I made a slightly lighter version.


I’ll also be carving a Pictish knot in the lid of the box, (This is considered really loony hippy stuff, but produced no more than a resigned sigh from my employer) so I needed a carving mallet as well. I could have bought one but they’re expensive. Besides, making one was more fun it gave me some good practice in woodwork. Ahem.