So, here’s the new office, looking appropriately like a hangout for tree hugging hippies.

I was asked to start work a day earlier than expected, because the person in the workshop wanted to ‘show me around’ before he went on holiday. What he didn’t add was “And then you’ll be looking after the workshop for two weeks.”


During the holidays anyone can come and make whatever they want, so I’ve helped build pencil holders, several ‘boats’ including a galleon, a yacht, and enough pirate ships to lay siege to a small island; three hobby horses, a waste paper basket, lots of swords and a dozen animal shaped bits of wood including this family of elephants destined to be a set of bookends. When I wasn’t doing that I was sharpening blunt chisels and planes and making sure nobody injured themselves in a permanent manner.

To make sure I didn’t cause too many disasters I was teamed up with a ‘summer worker’ who turned out to be highly competent with children, and sewing, fortunately, otherwise all those ships would have been without sails. I got on with the woodwork, using the bigger machines and dealing with requests like “I want a rudder on the ship connected to a steering wheel at the front so that when I turn the wheel the rudder steers the ship”

Next week the farm is closed while we all recover, tidy up after the summer, and the new staff get basic some basic training on how not to get bitten by angry goats and other essentials. If I’m good, they say I’ll be allowed to drive the tractor:


I’m told there are lots of other things to learn about running a farm. Not sure what those might be…