grubbybootsOne pair of work boots, with steel caps to protect my delicate little toes from heavy bits of wood, sidestepping horses, stroppy geese and in one case a motorised wheelchair. They also come with a steel sole which is handy when the children tend to leave bits of wood with nails poking out all over the place.

The steel has a useful side advantage of keeping my feet dry: the soles are now coming apart from the upper so much that some liquid has managed to get inside there somewhere. Given that I spend several hours a day cleaning out horses and other animals I’ve no interest in finding out what exactly that liquid may be.

I think I’ve made it clear to the world that I’m not too worried about appearances but I am getting a bit tired of squelching my way around and it is only a matter of time before the nameless liquid finds its way up to my socks. Besides, the boots are now getting on a bit: I’ll bore people endlessly whining about how we live in a throw away consumerist society, but as I’ve been wearing these boots about 48 hours a week for most of the last three years, they’ve not done too badly.

So last week I was given a gift voucher for my birthday and splashed out -ahem- on a brand spanking new pair which would normally cost several times more than these, but hopefully will repay the investment in staying together a bit longer*.

Not squelching all the time will also be nice.

*And do you know how hard it is to find a pair you can be sure will fit in pedal clips?