Long suffering readers may remember that I finished my carpentry course  about a year ago, when I made my ‘storytelling box‘. I’d wanted to make a tool box for my woodworking tools, but that plan was nailed by my health issues and the appearance of Beautiful Daughter just before the two-week project was supposed to happen: life was about to get complicated enough without adding more into the mix.

I made the simplest possible box and spent the time with my little girl instead: it wasn’t a hard decision.

However, I had made all the drawings for the toolbox. A few weeks ago I found them lurking under a pile of old bills, and it occurred to me I could have another go, without any time pressure or examiners watching me.

Here’s the first pieces glued together. The original was meant to be cherry wood, but this will be in scrap pine.

I can live with that.

If I manage to finish this before the end of my contract in March I’ll use it as a toolbox in the course I’m hoping to do. Unless there are too many mistakes. Then I’ll claim I always intended it to be a prototype, and make another one sometime…