From the ever interesting ‘No Tech Magazine‘:

“The German-made Carla Cargo is a three-wheeled cycle trailer with an electric assist motor. It can be pulled by any type of bicycle (including a cargo cycle or an electric bike), and it allows you to carry heavy (up to 150 kg) and bulky cargo (a loading platform of 60 x 160 cm). Uncoupled from the bicycle, the Carla Cargo works as a hand cart for large or heavy loads. The vehicle weighs 40 kg including the battery, and has a range of 40 to 60 km”

It turns out that the company is based in Freiburg, not too far from Stuttgart, but a million miles away in terms if cycling infrastructure.

More details and a picture of the bike with a recumbent tandem here:

Electrically Powered Bicycle Trailer & Hand Cart (DIY)