The new college course began on Thursday, with two days of administrative business and the ridiculous waste of time called ‘getting to know you games’, which as usual were run by extroverts and endured by the introverts, and ensured that the introverts all clammed up and were less able to get to know people than if we’d been left alone.

On the plus side, this is a college course so we have similar holidays to the local schools -but with minimal coursework, because the tutors are aware that at least half of us have families and frankly we find them more fun than textbooks. We also have three months placement each year, as early as possible “because we figure you want to get out and do the job instead of learning theory”. In our course this lands straight after the summer holidays so we have about four months of theory, then four months of holidays and placements and four months of theory. Then repeat for year two.

The stuff we are learning looks good and as if it might actually be relevant to what we are supposed to be doing afterwards, which could be just about anything that involves training or therapy. Of course being me, I want to try everything…