I wanted some extra carrying capacity for transport in the city so I didn’t have to schlepp all my books and coursework on my back. I could use a pannier but I have been known to attach them the wrong way, whereupon they fell off, causing much embarrasment when I was called by a complete stranger and had to ride across the city to retrieve same. I figured this way I would have a secure way to carry my bag where I could see it, and I could look vaguely civilised when I carried my normal bag into the college.

The other reason was because I saw a French ‘Porteur’ rack on this excellent post by the Accidental Hermit and thought it looked cool. This is pretty much as logical as my decisions get I’m afraid.

Most porteur racks are welded steel or aluminium. Being utterly incompetent in metalwork I made the corners and joins from beechwood, which had the extra advantage of making the design approximately square without having to muck about with jigs and welding.

I wanted to be able to carry a bag large enough to hold an A4 ring binder. Looking at the rack now, I may have overdone this, but there we go.


Some improvisation was needed to get the rack to fit the new bent handlebars.

I’ll need to find a better way to keep things strapped down than a bungee chord and move the headlight will need moving as well as it currently lights up the deck and nothing else.

Will wait on those issues until I’ve tested the design for a week or two.