We are still in exam season.

The subjects people have chosen are varied and interesting: we’ve had Thai kickboxing, origami, fondu making, and some weirdo who decided to sharpen a plane, but after a while interest wanes. Every exam requires 90 minutes including evaluation and there are twenty students, and we all have to do it twice… That’s eighty ‘school hours’, an official German ‘school hour’ being 45 minutes long -don’t ask me I didn’t write the rules- which means ten solid days of tedium. Fortunately the staff are aware of this and are happy for us to read if we want as long as we don’t disturb anyone, but you can only look at so much about Brexit in German before that too begins to lose its excitement. If it had any at the start.

It’s enough to make you long for a week of education theory, which is good, because that’s what is coming up on Monday.

On the other hand, the weather has improved so I can ride my bike through the forest to get to college, and tomorrow I have pottery class; all day.