So, when you make it a new years resolution to write a weekly post, don’t then contract a rather nasty strain of ‘flu the week before the exams start.

I’d been feeling a bit rough last week for a couple of days with a cough and runny nose, then I was on my way to the privvy one evening and realised that if I didn’t lie down right away then my body would take matters into its own hands. After about 20 minutes I was still on the floor albeit feeling rather better so we called the overnight doctor. They came, checked a couple of things and called for a (non-emergency) ambulance to take me to hospital.

Of course, my Asthma, which has been pretty much under control for the last two years, took this opportunity to have a party as well. I did point out that with four tests on the next four weeks and exams after that, this was a very inconvenient time, but it didn’t make any difference.

I’m much better now but any remaining brain capacity will have to be used for revising over the next weeks.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible…