Elder Son is now a teenager, which amongst other things means that we have to arrange the bike project around his rather complex social life, but we found a couple of hours last Saturday when he was passing through so we could prep and prime the bike frame. We ordered primer, found some masking tape hidden under a sink plunger (don‘t ask me) and had been hoarding big cardboard boxes until the cellar looked like the back of a post office.

In other words, for once we‘d managed to get organised and prepare in advance, so of course it rained.


Thankfully I work with a local organisation and they allow us to use their facilities, including a creative workshop that has nice big windows that open. We threw everything into the Bakfiets and got thoroughly damp riding over there. Of course the rain stopped as we arrived.

We set everything up, opened the windows and shook the cans thoroughly. We looked smugly at the fresh rain outside

Then all the windows closed.

It turns out the skylight closes automatically when it senses rain. Some genius connected this to the windows so now we were in a small airtight box.


We decided to be optimistic: there was blue sky out there, so we would wait out the rain and incidentally attack the frame with sandpaper and get rid of anything that was less than absolutely smooth.


To my rather great astonishment the sun came out half an hour later, and after repeated prodding of the switch the windows opened and Elder Son got to work.


Now he‘ s thoroughly enthusiastic about spray painting, and we‘ re arguing about which colour the finish should be…