May day was supposed to be the day I broke the 100k mark, but due to a combination of poor organisation and a small person pouncing on me early in the morning, this became a visiting-the-local-farms morning instead, which is one of Beautiful Daughters favourite things to do, even more now she can ride on her own bike.

So first we went to the cow farm, where I typically forgot to take a picture of all the cows, but we did see a horse and trap:



Then we went to the Rabbit Farm a few hundred metres away, and so called because they have a large rabbit pen next to the road. We stayed a while here and had a picnic…


We saw tractors with big interesting things on the back:


And then we went to visit the horses, and saw more tractors:


And of course, found some interesting bugs in the field…


It took just over two hours to do about three kilometres, but we had fun.