“What do you do when you need something you can’t get locally?” is a question we get occasionally, as if anyone without personal motorised transport is somehow trapped within an area within 500m of their own home.

Generally having an Xtracycle, Bakfiets and reasonably good local transport means we can get most places.


On this occasion the bike rebuilding project had stalled due to a lack of spray varnish, so Beautiful Daughter and I set off to get some, via a forest..


Yet another diversion*…


…and a small park with a memorial to the first time a Zeppelin landed without a mast. It was apparently a good landing ie: they could take off again.


Arrived at the art shop, notable for a complete lack of cycle parking. Beautiful Daughter approved because it had flowers.

She was less impressed that when confronted with about a hundred exciting colours including several shades of pink, Boring Dad just got two cans of clear varnish.


Bernhausen railway station. According to the sign next to the Xtracycle, Bernhausen is twinned with Selby, which is 1200km away.

Quite what Bernhausen did to deserve this the sign did not say.


Dinner and a show. Picnic under a tree (Beautiful Daughter’s idea of the perfect adventure). Plane apparently taking off from potato field.

We finished with a loop back around the end of the airport and to our side of the valley and back to the apartment, with a quick stop to explore an orchard on the way for reasons which escape me but apparently were very important.


About 30km all told. Daughter happy.

Time to get some varnishing done…

*Which I wouldn’t mind except that I was already making a detour because the local government has decided cycleways are only important when they don’t need parking spaces for their road maintenance vehicles…