Looking at this blog of the last few weeks, you could get the impression I’m spending every waking moment gallivanting about and visiting exotic locations and wholesale art supply shops.

So let me hasten to point out that there are other things going on, not least regular job applications, fixing bits of the various bikes as they break down, and of course changing an ugly MTB into a Randonneur.

This last project has mainly been absent from the blog because there’s not much interest in multiple posts about spraying another coat of clear varnish onto a frame, and also because we had to wait until this month to replace some parts that were so worn even we wouldn’t use them.

Now the replacement parts are on order and the frame is properly wrapped up so it can stop cluttering up the apartment and head over to Eldest Son’s place of work as soon as possible, ready for us to put everything together.

Well, probably almost everything. I have no doubt we’ll find something else missing, but we can live in hope.