Beautiful Daughter recently discovered the potential for going on “long bike tours” on the Xtracycle, at the same time as I noticed that the Spraydeck, the hefty piece of wood that normally sits above the back wheel and acts as a seat for small passengers, was looking  a bit tatty.

This spraydeck was a home made version built in 2016, being a treehugging hippy I used a tung oil/beeswax mix to protect the wood. This survived relatively well considering the weather it experiences, but lately I noticed it had faded somewhat, and there were a few rough bits where water was finally getting into the pores.

Getting splinters would probably put Beautiful Daughter off riding with me, so I needed to get the top finished and in use as fast as possible. I attacked the deck with a sander at work, then rushed back to our village before the rain came and put the first coat of Tung oil onto the wood. The next day I gave it a gentle fine sanding by hand and added another coat of oil.

It seems to have come out okay. The colours are still a bit muted, which may be because the oil was a bit old, but I can worry about that when I need to and it down again.

In the meantime Beautiful Daughter won’t get splinters and we can go exploring.