We live on the edge of the old part of our village, and like a lot of oldish German villages the houses are packed together. Our back balcony is a few metres from another houses back garden and last night Daughter of the House Behind our Apartment (DotHBoA)* was having a party.

From experience a DotHBoA party is loud and lasts for ages, especially as the evening was going to be warm and dry. This is no problem for Beautiful Wife and Kids: they’re night owls and Beautiful Daughter could sleep on the roof of a train. I am an introverted morning person.

After a bit of thought about the matter, I realised that there was a simple solution:


I stayed within ten or fifteen minutes of the village, in case I got cold or bored, went to sleep at a respectable hour and was woken by the cold and a very annoyed bird at about six. I trundled back through the woods and arrived refreshed and ready for the day.

*Really need to work on better anonymised names.