I went to Göppingen: I can’t explain it.

I had an appointment with the Employment Agency which finished early, and my plan was to follow the Neckar river for a bit, then explore up the river Fils. I’d not followed this route before because on the map it looked like a line of semi-industrial towns with busy roads and a Landesstrasse (dual carriageway) filling half the valley, but as I was already in the Neckar valley I decided to give it a try: a short ride to get the bugs out of the new bike.

It turned out to be a line of semi-industrial towns with busy roads and a dual carriageway filling half the valley. I’d planned to find the first village with a bridge, cross the river and come back on the other side, but the first town was so underwhelming that I carried on in the hope the next would be better. And when it wasn’t I tried the third…

And thus, with repeated disappointments, I came to Göppingen. where I took a photo of the railway station railway station because I felt someone ought to.


The centre of Göppingen looked nice enough.


But as usual I ended up taking pictures of interesting bikes. Gotta have pictures of interesting bikes…


There was also a rather exclusive looking clinic/hospital on the edge of town with a large sculpture that I think is supposed to be a modern style St. Christopher…


As you can see the weather was as exciting as the scenery.

I’d come in on the ‘northern cycle way’, the signage of which I’d describe as ‘variable’: ie, it directed you down a cycleway which expired a hundred metres further, then pointed vaguely towards Göppingen. and gave up. I may have been following the route, I may not, it was hard to tell.

On the way back I tried the ‘south’ route, which sent through a couple of industrial areas before becoming a gravel track between dual carriageway and river, and went on, and on…


and on and on… and just for a joke got a bit narrower occasionally so I wasn’t entirely convinced it wouldn’t just disappear.


If we built the road network like these local towns built cycleways, we’d never have a problem with traffic.

Fortunately the next town took a more enlightened approach and had built some real infrastructure, like this rather fun winding bridge.


Eventually I found the valley towards our village and the local geography improved…


Having made it back up the hill, the sun finally came out, so I stopped for the obligatory ‘new bike’ picture on the ‘Landscape steps’ in the large new development in the next town but one.


When I first came to Germany this was a US army base.

I ended up riding 63k (ca. 40 miles) rather more than I was planning. The bike has shown up a couple of problems but rides well. My legs on the other hand expressed their displeasure in no uncertain terms…