Yesterdays plan went awry because Beautiful Daughter woke up too early.


The Plan was to get up early and take the randonneur bike our for a longish test having finally (I think) got the headset to behave.

Unfortunately for this plan, Beautiful Daughter went and woke up before I did*, and decided she wanted to come too, so a ‘test ride on the Rando bike’ became ‘Tour with Beautiful Daughter on the Xtracycle’.

Such is life.

We tried to learn map reading. Notice all important chocolate.


We followed a route I’ve written about before, and stopped for a picnic in a village.


And then because we were only half way around the planned loop and time was passing, we cut the loop short and headed back over the hills. Thank goodness for low MTB gearing.

There’s a castle over there. Honest.


Looking the other way, we can see our village in the distance. Unfortunately there’s a valley in the way so it wasn’t all downhill from here. Beautiful Daughter getting a bit tired.


After getting back to our village and fuelling up on chocolate, I went out again and returned some panniers we’d borrowed from friends, then came back and discovered I’d cycled 65km, 50 of them with Beautiful Daughter on the back, which probably explains why my legs are aching this morning…


I can take the Randonneur out another day. Perhaps when it stops pishing it down…

*Read: I overslept…