So I was happily pootling along on my randonneur bike this morning, when a slight rattle from the rear of the bike became a loud clanking noise. Closer inspection revealed that bracket holding the rear mudguard had snapped, leaving said mudguard flapping about in the breeze.

The mudguard itself is made of thin metal and torn as well, so it will need replacing too.

I have another rear guard kicking about*, so option one would be to find another right angle bracket and some extra large diameter washers to spread the load a bit more, and use these to fit the replacement mudguard. This has the advantage that I can keep using my current rear light, because the mudguard has holes for a light to attach to it directly, and I retain my smug green tree huggy glow and can continue to whine incessantly about the throwaway society, et c.

Alternatively It could work out as cheap if not cheaper to replace both mudguards with plastic versions.

Apart from the inevitable smugness dimming this would cause, I’m struggling to find 26″ all-over mudguards that I can afford, and/or look like they may survive more than a couple of kilometres. I’ve had several plastic versions just snap on me and on one memorable occasion arrived at an interview with one held together with gaffer tape, which is why I tend to go old-school.

The other question is if I can fit my rear light on a plastic mudguard. Metal guards are no problem: 3 minutes with a drill and voila, light fitting. Plastic versions look suspiciously like they will snap if I try that.

Any suggestions?

*Minor victory for bicycle part hoarding…