Sorting out pictures from the recent family holiday I came across this one of all our bikes crammed into the “Bikes and disabled passengers” space on the train from Aalen.

Trains here have started carrying massive icons of a wheelchair and a bike on the outside to show where you can get on, so the drill is that you look for that and go for the nearest door.

Being me, I assumed the door with a wheelchair icon in front of us showed all of the available space, so we squeezed on with the result shown above (the bog was out of order before someone complains we’re blocking the door) As you can’t get five bikes into that space we also had to use the overflow…


This caused a certain amount of muttering about people who design cycle spaces and who had clearly never actually taken a loaded bike on a train.

Then, by chance we caught the train a couple of days later, and happened to get on the other end. This also had a big picture of a bike on it…


Enough space to swallow all five of our bikes and several others besides.

No steps either.

So there. Always check the other door…