2019_10_09_Airport_loop_rain_04Beautiful Daughter had a friend around yesterday, and although Beautiful Daughter is a source of great joy and delight in our lives, other people’s children are an entirely different matter. Besides, I’d dismantled one of the pedals on the Wayfarer and rebuilt it to stop it clicking so it needed a ‘test ride’.

Possibly not the best excuse, but it would do. Especially as after several days of mucky weather, there was actually some blue sky visible.


I followed a regular route, a long rectangle around the city airport. The bike was riding nicely (and never mind that the back mudguard is still held on with cable ties), weather holding, and all was well with the world.


After the woods came a small town and then the first headwinds. This slowed progress, but I’d have the wind behind me for the fifteen kilometres on the other side of the airport, so it was good.


I should have realised this was a trap. As I left the main town for the long exposed section, and naturally almost exactly half way around the route and with the runway between me and our nice dry apartment, the rain began. Nothing too bad, just enough to let you know that it is there and could get a bit more serious if it felt like it, but not enough to make the roads wet and muddy…



The south side of the Airport is given over to growing salads, vegetables and vast amounts of cabbage, and it is picking season so the farmers are driving their tractors around the fields with enthusiasm and bringing large amounts of ‘field’ onto the roadway.

There is a road under there, honest.

After half an hour of mincing along trying not to slip over on the mud with the rain getting more persistent, I gave up and took a shortcut into the valley, fortunately on a road that isn’t heavily used -which it has to be said did clean out my mudguards pretty well- and climbed the evil hill to our village.

On the other hand, the pedal emitted not a single click, so it wasn’t all bad.