Finally I’ve had a verbal offer of a job in Freiburg im Breisgau, working alongside people with psychological disabilities. The Breisgau region is a very nice part of the world, but it’s a long commute from Stuttgart as the Black Forest is in the way, so the plan was for yours truly to find an apartment and live there during the week; it’s not an ideal solution but better than dragging the boys out of school in the middle of the year.

This was fine except that as usual, all the apartments advertised were either eye-wateringly expensive, or, if they were even vaguely affordable, so far away the commute would take over an hour one way and cost more than the rent.

After a couple of days of this, Beautiful Wife suggested contacting a former member of the youth theatre group I used to lead, as he now lives in Freiburg and may be able to help.

He came back a day later saying his in-laws had a holiday apartment and were looking for a tenant. I visited this week; it turns out the flat was affordable, furnished, and even better, a fifteen minute ride from work.


Not a bad fifteen minutes either.

Globe-trotting viruses permitting, next week will involve signing contracts and I can start packing.