I’ve been taking Beautiful Daughter for rides, because there’s only so much you can do with an energetic five year old in a small attic apartment before either we or the neighbours go slightly potty.

Before someone jumps on me, our state Covid-19 guidelines are that you can take as much exercise outdoors as you want, as long as you keep a minimum of two metres away from anyone else:


I think we achieved this.

The plan was to go along the valley and have a look at an old tramway then ride back across the hills, but then TinyBug decided she wanted to go through the forest, and specifically up an interesting looking path between the trees, so we followed that…

And found an tree to play on:


And places to hide and chase things:


So it took a while before we got any further:


And then we decided that as we were on the other side of the valley, we may as well go and see what was happening at the airport, so we went over the fields on the other side to have a look:


It turns out there wasn’t much. In fact nothing came in or out except a couple of private planes. Even the Autobahn was so quiet we could hear the skylarks over the fields.


When we went back into the valley there was another short delay while we played Poohsticks, (which is totally a thing: s’got a Wikipedia page and everything).

When we’d run out of sticks we went to see the ponies on the other side of the road:


Then we carried on to the next town and past the, former riding lodge of the kings of Württemberg:


Before playing hide and seek in a forest than stopping to eat apples on a bench. Also, we saw tractors:


Then we rode back up the hill, through the old US military base and to the apartment in time for lunch. In all, about 3 hours of riding, exploring, climbing and playing: one happy, tired, and hungry Tinybug.

Of course the next morning she’ll want to do it all again…