It turns out that the Rhine floodplain is rather flat. This is not a particularly astute observation, after all the clue is in the name, but it is a bit of a shock when you’re used to the hills of Stuttgart. After visiting my future apartment, and finding myself with an hour and a half to spare before my train to Stuttgart, I figured it would be a terrible waste not to go exploring.


The eastern side of the plain is marked by the edge of the Black Forest. there’s no messing about with things like foothills here, the land goes from a wide flat plain to a wall of sandstone covered in pine forest.


I aimed for the hills, partly because I’m a geography nerd and the “Black Forest” still seems incredibly exotic, and partly because you can’t really miss them and get lost on the way.

I knew from looking at maps (it’s what Geography nerds do) that the river came out of the Black forest after following a steep valley, so my plan was to ride along it for about thirty minutes, Waldkirch, the first town in the valley, and then come back in time for the train.


Wood baked breads and colonial items

In practice I got a bit distracted by an interesting side road and ended up in a very small valley full of “typical” local houses, and then got nervous about missing the train and set off back to the station.


Of course, being me I was convinced that I’d be late so put the hammer down on the return journey, and made it back in fifteen minutes leaving me with a good twenty to wait for the train.


Fortunately there was an interesting crane like implement to watch doing technical things…