The current lockdown in our part of Germany doesn’t extend to keeping people indoors or limiting how far you can go, just as long as you stay a good metre and a half from your fellow citizens.

I’m using this freedom as long as I still have it.


As you can see, I’m generally able to stay well away from other people. It’s a little known skill of introverts: we can always find somewhere no-one else is.

I have to say, I could get used to that aspect of the situation.


Another brief stop at this location on the road created by the kings of Wurttemberg so they could visit their riding stables.


This is a route I use frequently on longer rides, but because I tend to set off at times when good Christian folk would be in bed it’s usually dark, and I ride past quickly to avoid being attacked by trolls, so I took a detour to take a photo.

The things I do for you, honestly.


I happened to see a reference to this on a map. It’s apparently an “Amor Temple” and was supposed to be a secret meeting place built by the king Herzog Carl Eugen in 1788 for his wife Frau Franziska von Hohenheim. There’s a few problems with this, not least that it looks a bit draughty, and I’m sure they had better places to go, but also that there’s apparently no evidence it was built back then.

More likely it was one of those things that came as standard when “English gardens” were fashionable and was moved up the hill when a later king built the riding stables.

Or maybe it was just a very grand bike shed…


Return journey. As you can see I didn’t let up once in my commitment to social distancing…