The weather report here was warning us to ignore the large yellow object in the sky as a cruel trick, put there to lure people out side to be caught by the rain, storms, followed by more storms, more rain and then some storms that moment. However, there was a short window in the afternoon where they claimed they could reliably predict things would be reliably dry(ish).

So your correspondent waited all day indoors ignoring the apparently sunny weather and doing sensible things like the washing (thank heavens for a large wide veranda) and got ready to go out in the short bit of time when it wasn’t actually raining, and of course as I took the bike out of the house it started raining.

I didn’t want to go back inside so I pootled around the village for a bit, then noticed it was a bit clearer to the south and decided to risk a short loop.


By the time I got here, it was looking a bit more pleasant. This is the village of Eichstetten, home to some beautiful buildings and half a dozen monumentally badly positioned electricity pylons.

The lop I’d planned was fine for a drizzly day, but a bit short now that there was actually blue sky, so I decided to risk a detour up into the vineyards of the Kaiserstuhl, the long extinct volcano in the middle of the Rhine valley. Apart from anything else, I hadn’t cycled up any real hills in weeks, so it was about time I got some practice.


Worth it for the view, too, although there were still clouds covering a lot of the Black Forest.


Most roads in the area are closed to cars but open to bikes which means the road down the other side of the hill was traffic free and I could just let the bike roll.

Until I came around a corner and suddenly found myself in a village area: German towns are compact and tend to start suddenly…



Brief stop to allow the brakes to cool down outside a very French looking restaurant.


All this exploring is well and good but at some point though I’m going to have to go in the other direction, as my medium term goal is to ride a two day tour to Stuttgart, hopefully when I have some holiday in October. This means I need to find a route through the rather intimidating hills over the other side of the valley in the Black Forest.


To be continued…