Being a car free hippy adds another layer of planning and logistics to job hunting; every new possible employer has to be checked on the map for distance, hills, and if necessary, train links.

Last week I had a very positive interview with an organisation about about 14 kilometres, or 8 miles away, which is somewhat further to the current one and I suspect may come as a shock for this moderately unfit cyclist. Thankfully, the local geography is also cooperating for a change and in those 14 kilometres there’s about 10 metres or 30 feet of climbing, mostly on a bridge. I cycled the return trip after the interview and it’s also almost entirely on traffic free or traffic calmed roads, so it looks possible.

On the other hand I’ll also need a plan B for when I need to be more flexible, it’s snowing heavily or I simply don’t want to bother cycling that day. Thankfully the train only takes about 6-10 minutes to get me to the right town, but of course they don’t like you taking a normal bike on board in peak times. I also have to get to the station and then from the station to work at the other end.

It looks like my usual policy of just leaving the commuter bike at the station all day isn’t going to work any more, so if I’m offered this job I think I’ll have to give in and get a folding bike…