Things normal people use while maintaining their bike:

Screwdrivers, hex keys, tyre levers and the occasional large hammer.

Things I ended up using to maintain my bike:

4 metre long belt sanders.

The Deck on the Xtracycle was looking a bit faded after about six years use, and was mostly a uniform dark brown. As I’d spent some time many years ago making it from several different woods to give a nice striped effect this was not ideal, so I gave it a bit of a going over at work to get past the sun bleached layer and find the original colours. After this it needed oiling and of course that meant I had to let it dry overnight, which gave the Xtracycle a strange appearance for a few hours:

The next morning I gave the whole lot a second coat of oil before work started, then fitted the cross pieces back on and dropped it back into the frame at lunchtime ready for the ride back to the apartment.

In other news, I’ve been offered the job I applied for, so in a few weeks the daily commute will go from about 10k to 30k a day. I hope my legs can take this…