I moved to the Freiburg region a couple of years ago because I was offered a job working in a protected workshop for people with disabilities. As with many jobs in social care the initial contract was a year with the option of extending long term. At the end of the first year my employer told me that while they could see I cared for my clients and worked well with them, I “Didn’t fit the organisation’s concept.” Having seen the concept I was quite happy with this assessment; I’d have been upset if it was the other way around.

Almost by accident I ended up getting a different job locally working with long term unemployed people. This was good, but it meant I was back in the insecure 1-year “Let’s see how things work out” contract, which was not so good.

This week my current employer decided that I really do fit into their concept and they want me to stay. They added that they know my interest in bicycles, and the current head of the bike department is retiring, so would I be interested in taking over the department? I’d be working full time helping people build up skills and become more confident and capable, while learning how to repair bicycles.

I told them I could live with that.