There is talk of myself and a friend taking a bike tour in April 2022. Actually, we’ve been talking aout that since we picked up the Bakfiets in Amsterdam over a decade ago, but life always intervened.

On our previous ride we had to catch the train from Koblenz, a little over half way, and the plan had always been to go to Cologne and ride the second half in a more leisurely manner and on more appropriate bikes. This just kicked up a gear when Eldest and Youngest Son both said they would like to join, which I really didn’t expect. It also means I’m one adult sized bike short.

While tidying up the depths of the bike workshop I found this…

The wheels are worn out, and the bottom bracket (where the pedals go through the frame) is rusted solid and will need a Big Spanner to get it out, but it’s worth it for the frame itself.

Elder Son wants to make a new version of the “Wayfarer” bike we built a couple of years ago; this one has 28″ wheels instead of the 26″ of the original Wayfarer because Elder Son is a bit bigger than me, and also I’ve noticed the only issue I have with ‘Wayfarer 1’ is that the frame feels a tiny bit small.

After the tour, assuming Elder Son doesn’t hold onto it, this could replace the original Wayfarer as my commuting bike, so we could put the original Wayfarer back on light duties as I’ve ridden over 6000km on the poor thing over the last year or so.

That sounds like enough plausible sounding excuses reasons, time for the Big Spanner…