The lack of posts over the weekend was due to the rather sudden end to the flat hunting saga with the discovery of an affordable apartment close to work, and my previous landlady deciding she didn’t want most of the furniture in my current apartment and offering it to me at a very good price.

This was good news as it meant I now had a bed to sleep in, but instead of moving a few cardboard boxes I now had to transport lots of heavy wooden objects. Enter Middle Son who volunteered to come and help with the heavy lifting. The weekend thus involved shuttling backwards and forwards in a company van until all the furniture was in the correct place. This was probably the first time he’s been in a car with me driving in a decade and was thus remarkable for the lack of screaming.

Finally I was able to hand the key back to the manager and get back on a more civilised form of transport for the journey to Stuttgart and the family.

On arrival I discovered that Tinybug has all kinds of activities planned involving bike rides, making things from sticks, and Lego.

If you need me I’ll probably be in a forest somewhere…