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Ever since we had the ‘Brexit’ vote, the UK government has been pretty cagey about what it means for us and the other 1.4 million Brits in the EU and 3.5 million EU Citizens in the UK. (although if this is the best they could come up with, perhaps that’s a good thing).

This wasn’t quite as much of a worry for us in Germany as it was for EU citizens in the UK: we haven’t been attacked, told to “go home” or had anything shoved in our letterbox; our local immigration office was almost comically horrified when we asked if we may have to leave after 2019.

This week the UK Government made a heroic effort to “claim the moral high ground”*, by leaking some papers suggesting they might perhaps allow EU residents to stay. Maybe. They were pretty unclear exactly what rights EU residents would have, who gets them, the time and cost involved (you can bet it won’t be free) and a whole heap of other niggly but important details, but one thing was for sure:

…former Brexit minister David Jones said: “It’s got to be reciprocal.

Which is a bit different from their response when The EU unilaterally suggested this solution in 2017 and it was rejected by the UK…

Only a really cynical person would suggest that the UK gov deliberately rejected those proposals last year, so now they can try and claim the credit…

*Possibly having had someone explain what ‘moral’ meant

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