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Woodcarving lessons continue, and for the last few days I’ve been making a bowl from pear wood. Now the only bits of my fingers that don’t ache are the blisters, so this post will be mainly pictures:

Stage one was making the inside of the bowl, which also involved working out what shape I wanted it to be. Here’s the basic shape rough carved:

Carved bowl 002

Then finished using finer chisels and then sanding to get most of the mistakes, imperfections out:

Carved bowl 003

My teacher, taking the subtle approach to rough forming the outside of the bowl:

Carved bowl 004

…which left us with something vaguely reminiscent of the Millenium Falcon.

Carved bowl 005

Further progress reports to follow as soon as my arms and brain are working together well enough to type again. And if you’re wondering what I’m doing this for, it does have a connection to the work I’ll be doing from September…

Carving_04It is hotter here than in Japan where my Beautiful Wife and family are, so hot in fact that I wore shorts yesterday. Conscious of my responsibilities to society I refrained from anything shorter than 3/4 length.

Meanwhile, I’m getting lessons in woodcarving. When I helped build a stage a couple of weeks ago, we agreed that in lieu of payment* I’d get some training in woodcarving  from one of the artists on the project.

She started this week by  saying “Okay, the first thing you need to learn: all those things you were told you can’t do as a carpenter? Do them…” Then she gave me a lump of Lime wood and told me to ‘play’: try things out, learn different methods and use as many different chisels as I could. I made a couple of hollows inside the wood, then and then carved this in the bark on the other side.

When my artist friend got over the shock she suggested a totem pole, but instead we decided a bowl made from pear wood would be less disturbing.

In other news, I’ve discovered the bottom of the wash basket.

*Because I’m technically ‘unemployed’. (Ha.) I can’t be paid in money. I would explain the system but you’d think I was making it up, and if you believed me you’d end up slamming your head in a door…

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